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City Names to Timezones Plist

For a recent project I need a list that maps city names to timezones. You can easily get a list of timezones in iOS or Mac using [NSTimeZone knownTimeZoneNames] but it doesn’t map from city names.

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25 Must Have Apps for Your Mac

My Apple products family

These are the 25+ apps that I found really useful on my Mac. There are apps that aid software development (iOS mostly) and there are also apps for general activities.

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Revisiting the Give It Five Minutes Principle

They said people change. And it’s certainly so in my case. I used to be excited at new things or ideas. But not so much lately. New single-word messaging app? Seriously? New shiny digital watch? Meh. New anonymous social networking? Another one? Every new project or startup sounds so dull, stupid, and unnecessary. Even my own ideas.

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September 9 2014 Apple Live Event was not my favorite Apple event. I’ll even say that it was the worst Apple event ever. I haven’t rewatched the keynote (probably never will) and haven’t read any reviews of the keynote. So here’s my review.

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Costly Mistake

I received an email from Amazon Web Service notifying me that there were suspicious unauthorized activities in my account. Apparently my access key was exposed. It happened because I made public one of my private repos, one of the side projects I started and abandoned months ago, in which I stupidly left the AWS access key.

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